Berkley Fishing Cart an ideal choice for fishing

A Berkley fishing cart is the extraordinary tool for those who are searching for the easiest way in order to move all over with their equipment when they are planning to go out for fishing purpose. These types of carts are specially designed in order to help the fishermen to transport the equipments from one place to another. Totally, they make it easier for the fishermen to acquire the apparatus from their vehicle to the boat and back or to travel from place to along the shore. Because of this reason, most of the fishermen consider this type of carts as important tool.

In case, if you are in confusion that where to find this kind of product, no need to get worried about this because these days you can easily find this product in the market and also in the online shops. You must do some research by visiting all the websites and choose the one based on your needs. While buying the product, it is essential to know about the company that made it is reliable, by examining the previous customer reviews and buys the appropriate one.

Before you purchase the Berkley fishing cart, you must have some knowledge about the cart like how to use and what you can carry by using that carts. You should select the best quality product that should resist corrosion over time, hauling and performing and ease of movement. You know, with the help of the Berkley fishing cart you can effectively transport and manage all the fishing equipments. You can fold this product into a small compact size for the purpose of easy transport and storage for your favorite fishing spots. It is suitable for fishing in the river or pond, around a lake, off a pier and on the beach.

Features and specification of Berkley Fishing Cart


  • It consists of 8 detachable rod holders and it has the capacity to transport the load of up to 200lbs
  • You easily adjust the handle based on your comforts with the help of the adjuster
  • Durable loop and hook straps to protect the surf spike and chairs during the transport
  • It is designed with the help of corrosion resistant aluminum frame with an electrostatic finish
  • It has heavy duty pneumatic wheels and it has an innovative collapsible design for the purpose of easy transport and storage.
  • Compact cutting board with knife storage and bait bucket.


  • Inside frame dimension is 44.5” x 17.75” x 9.5”
  • Dimensions- completely collapsed with tires still attached 54”x 25.5” x13”

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