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Guide to select the best bunk beds with stairs for the children’s bedroom

Even though no one can verify actually the debut or inception of bunk beds, it is a fact bunk beds have been around for quite some time. Standard bunk beds, futon bunk beds and Loft beds are being used in the bedrooms, for several generations now. Besides this, it does provide the person with immense joy and fun which is said to be derived by sleeping in bunk beds along with favorite cousin or best friend, chatting all through the night.

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Top5 Best Bunk Beds With Stairs

Best Bunk Beds With Stairs ImageProduct Dimensions ColorItem Weight Buy Now
99.6 x 59.6 x 66.9 InchesEspresso303.6 Pounds
93.1 x 56.6 x 66 InchesWhite286 Pounds
78 x 41.5 x 61.5 InchesBlack86 Pounds
Twin Gold -
78.4 x 42.6 x 58.2 inches Espresso106 Pounds

What is bunk bed?

Bunk bed is considered to be a kind of bed where a single bed frame gets stacked on top of the other one. Bunk beds are known to permit two or more adults, kids or teens to sleep in same room and to maximize available floor space to have different types of activities. It allows people to use it in places having limited floor space like ships, army garrisons and where floor space is required to be maximized like dormitories, hostels, summer camp cabins, children’s rooms, university residence halls or prison cells.

These are generally supported by four pillars or poles, with each one present in the corners of the bed. Ladder is used for getting to the top most portions that is surrounded normally by railing for preventing sleeper from falling down. Some models are said to have privacy curtain for lower bunk.

Why bunk beds?

Bunk beds do make plenty of sense, since they are versatile. As the child outgrows the crib and you are not aware of the future, purchasing a good and high quality bunk bed for the kid is what you might be looking for. You are required to purchase one having an option to separate beds so that it can be stacked or used apart. A classic style can be purchased which can be utilized with any type of bedding that suits the child’s preference with passage of time. Once the children have used this bed, it can easily be passed on to grandchildren or just sold off for good money. It is without doubt that a high quality bunk bed is likely to withstand abuse and use over a period of time and still appear great.

Brief history on bunk beds

Although it is quite impossible to trace about its origin, it seems that the ancient Egyptians can be thanked for, to provide the concept and idea of bunk beds. Even if of visual evidence piece is left for conforming it, this can be assumed safely that loft beds that were used by ancient Egyptians definitely looked much different from the comfortable and modern bunkers, which we are more familiar and accustomed to these days. It can be stated that bunk beds have indeed come a very long way and sure to impress you and your child to buy one.

Funky modern bunk beds with stairs

Nowadays, you can come across funky and modern bunk beds that can be found in a whole lot of colors, materials, shapes and designs. During the initial days of its re-introduction in the modern world, there were simply two boxy, same sized and shaped bunk beds which were perched one above the other. It is rather a testament towards function, if not about form. But today’s commercially available bunk beds are equal parts of art work and equals parts of sleeping devices. It can be safely said that bunk beds has evolved into being more than being a bedroom item. Rather, it has become the home’s focal point. Having a look at Amazon.com can give you a clear idea about the variety of bunk beds that are available in the market.

Created from different materials

It is now easier to find cheap bunk beds with stairs created from variety of materials. You can purchase one depending on your budget. Some are created from high end wooden materials like walnut or maple. If you are looking for something more powerful, then you can purchase iron or metallic based ones for your home. Besides the materials used, these are also infused with variety of personality and colors. You can find bright white, black, dark blue, cherry colored, silver along with other tones and hues which are available readily to be placed in the children’s bedroom.

Selecting bunk beds for kids with stairs

The bunk bed has been able to hold the interest of children and teens and has become their favorite resting place for the night. However, these are no longer limited to being an ordinary bed since there are numerous styles and designs to choose from. If you are looking for a whole range of collection to impress your kid, then you can look at Amazon.com for making the purchase.

There are full over full bunk beds with stairs, twin sized beds which stacks on top of one another, L-shaped beds, twin and doubled bunk bed, trundle design and loft children’s bed. With so many varieties present, you might be simply confused as to which one is to be purchased for your child. It is without doubt that the best product is to be availed and there are several things which need to be considered for making the right purchase.

  • *Number of occupants: Although a bunk style has been created for two people, there is a need to determine as to how many kids would be using it at a time. Is it likely to be used as single sleep space with additional bed for occasion guest or to be used every day by siblings, sharing a room. In case, it is to be used as occasional bed for the guest, then an inexpensive bed having two high-end mattresses would simply do the trick and also save some money in the process. But, if it meant for being used for a long time by the siblings, then you should consider choosing better quality products which would last long and also make the children comfortable and have good night sleep. The children’s age, size and how long they can be expected to use the room together is to be considered. Such facts are likely to impact on the product type to be selected. In case, one sibling is adult size and an older teenager, then a style is to be selected which is created with double mattress frame place on the bottom, with twin size on top. It allows comfortable space for smaller and larger kid. Also, there is a need to select a sturdy bed to support both the kids. Usually, wooden frames do make excellent quality products, when compared to those flimsy metal frames.
  • *Additional features: These days, twin over twin bunk beds with stairs and other types are known to come with variety of additional features which make them completely practical. One such popular feature is the storage drawer, which is built right below the frame. They can be utilized as dresser or chest. This particular feature offers plenty of storage space in the room, thereby making the bed much more practical. The storage space does offer the plenty of sleeping space for two children and also drawers in addition to store their belongings and toys. A trundle system present under lower bunk region is another feature which is often preferred. This permits three people to make use of the bunk bed. You can easily have the trundle to be slided under the bed, if not used. This is a wonderful feature for rooms especially those where sleep space is required to be maximized.

Before selecting the next bunk bed for your kids, you should have the prices and features compared at Amazon to ensure that you are making the right investment in the kid’s bedroom.

Tips to purchasing cheap bunk beds with stairs

Quality definitely counts, when it comes to buying bunk beds for kids with stairs. You should not choose inferior products, since they might come apart and even collapse, thereby making it a real safety hazard. Hence, while you go shopping at Amazon, you can easily differentiate between a cheap bed and quality bed.

Guidance towards assisting you to determine buying quality bunk bed

  • * What is the bunk bed created from: Metal, solid wood or combination of both can be the best purchase. You need to avoid particle boards. Hardwoods like cedar, maple and birch are simply the best. In case, your choice is metal frame, then bunk beds created out of heavier metal such as steel having large tubing diameter is to be preferred.
  • * Sturdiness: This is another aspect that should not be missed out while shopping. When assembled, the bunk bed should not wobble. Nuts and screws are to be tightened on regular schedule for preventing it from getting loose and to avoid mishaps. The bed’s weight is to be compared, since heavier beds generally are much sturdier.
  • * Is the bunk bed completely safe: Irrespective of the fact that you purchase twin over full bunk beds with stairs or any other type of bunk bed, it should comply with all safety standards. It should come through quality control and from the best manufacturer, having reputation in the industry. Since it is mean for kids, the safety standards and aspects are to be gone through before shopping it for the kids’ bedroom. It is necessary to check out safety issues such as protruding sharp edges, splinters or unfinished wood. Violations if seen in this region might lead towards serious injuries.
  • * Price: Although quality plays an important role over price, it is the latter that often decides the type, material of bunk bed that is to be purchased. There are numerous shops and online sites like Amazon, where you can find high quality bunk beds with stairs at affordable prices.


Making full over twin bunk beds with stairs and other types safe to be used by children

While considering safety, bunk beds might not prove to be the most appropriate choice, since they might fall down from the upper bunk. At the same time, it also becomes very tough for you as a parent to monitor the child constantly while they are engaged in games, which can make such bed to be potentially dangerous. However, there are various things that can be undertaken for enhancing the safety aspects of full over full bunk beds with stairs.

Following some guidelines and tips can help you to ensure that you select the best bunk bed for your child and to enhance its safety levels. Even though there have been several minor incidents related to children falling from top bunk, the safety aspect is something that is of great concern to majority of the parents. But, for some it could lack of adequate room space that could compel to buy one. These beds tend to occupy similar space like that of the ordinary bed. However, it does offer much more sleeping space that can prove to be useful if you have more than one child or if friends and relatives visit often.

Essential tips to make twin over twin bunk beds with stairs safe for kids

In case, you are planning for using such bed types in the child’s bedroom, then numerous things are to be done for keeping the bed completely safe for the kids.

  • * The very first rule would be not to allow children below the age of six to occupy the top bunk. If there are two kids who are below the age of six, sharing the same room having sufficient space for making way for two beds, it is advisable to have two single beds to be used, instead of a bunk bed.
  • * Another essential thing which should be given importance while purchasing bunk beds, would be to have one with fixed ladder. Several bunk beds do come with removable ladder, which could be potentially dangerous especially for kids. With fixed ladders, climbing becomes a lot more safer and easier, since it is much sturdier. The ladder’s safety can be further enhanced by placing some sticky back rubber within the steps and handles of the ladder, to give plenty of grip while climbing.

As a matter of fact, bunk beds are not dangerous at all. It is the way in which you handle things that makes it dangerous. By following these guidelines, the dangers that are associated with these beds can be done away it. While having a look at Amazon site for making a purchase, it is necessary to keep in mind the space, safety and comfort of the child.

Features and benefits

Bunk beds are regarded to be an interesting and fun way for sleeping, due to the different designs these are found in the market. Generally it is a habit for siblings to share their room space with one another. Hence, purchasing bunk beds is a better option as it does save a good amount of space, while kids just love to use them. There are plenty of things, which siblings love to share with one another, which makes their entire sleeping experience to be much fun and exciting.

Bunk beds do come with various benefits over single beds.

  • *They take up space of just a single bed, thereby allowing plenty of room for the kids to move around.
  • *Some come with storage spaces, which means, one can easily store clothes, books and toys.
  • * You can find them in different sizes, designs, patterns, materials and budget.

Purchasing bunk beds from Amazon

It is always wise to undertake a small survey before trying to select a bunk bed for the child. There are numerous reputed sites like Amazon that offers exclusive designs and high quality bunk beds at discounted prices. This way, you do not have to compromise on quality and also enjoy saving a good amount of money. These days, manufacturers have introduced many improved and advanced versions of such beds that are gaining immense popularity. Therefore, with proper knowledge and understanding the best bed can be purchased that is sure to prove to be value worth the investment and a real joy for the kids.

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Topmost Best Bunk Beds with Stairs

Twin over Twin, Metal Bunk Bed – Black



This type of bunk bed is stated to be just perfect and can be kept in any kid’s room. It is said to have provisions to accommodate two twin mattress. Its dimension is 78” x 42” x 62” (LxWxH). The front ladder is fixed to the bed to offer kids with additional safety. It comes with sleek powder coated metal black finish. The top bunk weight limit is 220 lbs, while the bottom limit is about 225 lbs, which is fair enough. This product is very much easier to be assembled, not requiring any boxsprings and makes use of twin mattresses.

 Bedz King Twin Over Twin Stairway Bunk Bed with Twin Trundle, Espresso


This bed is said to have Espresso color that is quite attractive to the eyes and sure to be loved by all kids. There is a stairway twin present having Twin Trundle over Twin Bunk Bed. An in-built stairway is provided instead of a ladder to get easier access to top bunk. Three drawers have been constructed into stairway. It is made from solid Brazilian Pine and assembly is needed with included tools. The maximum recommended thickness of mattress is about 9”. The product dimension is 102” x 42” x 62” and has a weight of 83 pounds.

Stork Craft Long Horn Bunk Bed, White

 This type of bunk bed is said to come in white color, which is quite appealing. Its dimension is 78.3” x 42.5” x 61.3” and weighs 29 pounds. It is quite synonymous with the recognizable national symbol of Texas of Longhorn cattle. This icon of affluence and adventure can be brought right into the kid’s bedroom for the little one to have a ‘ranch’ like experience. It is much smaller in its height and stature and is wonderful for those homes having small spaces. As the child grows, this bunk bed can be converted to 2 separate twin beds. It has been designed with utmost security in mind and features sturdy fastened ladder, full length guardrails and unique fastening systems.

Walker Edison Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed, White


This bunker bed is very much attractive and comes in white color and sure to be loved by every child. It supports standard twin along with full size mattress. There are two integrated ladders for offering comfortable and easy access to the top bunk. For optimal safety, the manufacturers have given on all sides full length guardrails. Its dimension is 80” x 59” x 68” (LxWXH) and weighs about 105 pounds. It is quite stable and a cost effective solution to make the child proud of owning one. It is easy to assemble and the bottom bunk provides the occupant with spacious feeling.

Bunk Bed Full over Full with Trundle in Cappuccino


This bunk bed is made from solid wood. It is constructed to be strong and tested rigorously in independent labs for exceeding or meeting CPSC and ASTM safety standards. The top bunk is included with guardrails. The ladder rungs are not made vertical, but flat to provide maximum comfort and easier access to the child combined with maximum safety to reach the top bunk. To prevent splinters, smooth, clean coating has been done for sealing and fully sanding all wood. The finishes are lead free and child safe. It measures 62” x 78.5” x 59”. It is a durable and practical choice for the kid’s room.

King’s Brand Furniture B125H Wood Arched Design Convertible Bunk Bed, Twin, Honey Finish


This type of bed has been constructed from veneers and hardwoods. It is a wood arched design having twin sized convertible bed. It also boasts of having wood posts of 65 mm, arch curved, splits to 12 slats and two beds. This product is found in honey finish. The product dimension is 42” x 83” x 64” (LXBXH) and weighs about 112 pounds. Besides being attractive, spacious and sturdy, it is also well within the budget of the common man. Assembling is very much easy and is comfortable even for those who are not handyman. It has beautiful designs, rounded corners and is made from better quality soft wood.

Twin Over Twin, Metal Bunk Bed – White


This bunk bed is considered to be just perfect for the kids’ room and can easily accommodate two tin mattress. Its dimension is 78” x 42” x 62”. The front ladder is fixed to the bed, to offer children the much required additional safety and much to the respite of the parents. It has a sleek powder coated metal white finish. The top weight limit is about 200 lbs and bottom is 225 lbs. there are no boxsprings required and it is easy to be assembled by any lay person. It makes use of twin bed mattress. It is sleek, simple, stable, secure and also space saving.


As a conclusion, it can be said that bunk beds are traditionally though to be useful for those families who are said to have smaller homes and having more than a single child or expect relatives often. Having a bunk bed does give the children option to sleep on, be it the bottom bunk or the top one. It is immense fun and pleasure for the child, who is sure to love it. However, as stated above, you need to be very much careful, while making the purchase. With several options available readily with Amazon, you can easily find out as to which one would be perfect for your requirements. At the same time, by buying bunk beds, you can be satisfied to see the happiness in the face of your children, who are sure to love you all the more for your wise choice.

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