Genji Sports Foldable Fishing Cart/Beach Cart: An ideal choice for fishing

Beach fishing cart is suitable for carrying any fishing related items like fishing tools, knapsack, beach chairs, coolers, towels and other such things.

Features and functionalities
•    The cart is foldable and made up of anti-rust steel tubes.
•    The presence of removable PVC rubber wheels helps to reduce the overall storage volume.
•    The cart is built with 4 fishing metal rod holders.
•    The quick foldable handle which makes the cart very easy to carry.
While traveling, you can keep this cart in your vehicle trunk. The presence of special wide wheels of 6cm can be used on the beach side, rough off roads and also on grass. Additionally, tackle box and fishing bag are easily available at discounted rates, whereas cooler, fishing bag and fishing rods are not included. The cost specified is solely for cart and not for other items.
Specifications of Genji Sports Foldable Fishing Cart/Beach Cart
•    Weight of the cart- 3.9 kg or 8.9 lbs
•    Wheel – 24cm diameter and 6cm width
•    Material- Anti-rust steel tubes
•    Fishing rod holder- Metal wires
•    Maximum load capacity – 30 kg
Quick overview of the cart
The Genji sports foldable fishing Cart Beach Cart is ideal for small trip fishing related activities. This is considered as great for fishing because of its compact size and can easily fit into the car. When you carry this cart along with you for outdoor excursions, it makes your trip efficient and fun. It makes it quite easy to carry beach chairs, coolers, fishing rods and also gear out to your most favorite spot in a single trip.
The revolutionary wheel is designed in such a way that, it disperses your load very evenly over a large surface area and thus makes your cart feel like as through you are rolling in air. Most people love it for its space saving characteristics.
The Genji Sports Foldable Fishing Cart/Beach Cart is versatile equipment and you will truly appreciate its performance upon buying and using the product.

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