Microwave Stand with Storage Buying Guide

In the current days, microwave has become inevitable basic need for every house. The reason is, it helps to warm the food items which need to be served to the entire family. Most people place the microwave on the countertops, but they in lack space to keep other kitchen essentials. In order to avoid these issues, it’s suggested to buy a microwave stand with storage capacity.

A microwave stand adds more convenience as well as an extra storage location to the kitchen. Buying microwave stand with storage has a number of benefits. It’s advisable to consider the key features of the item while making a purchase.

A microwave stand can easily transform your kitchen by freeing up the entire counter space. It also gives a dedicated place microwave and other related tools and equipments.

Important features of Microwave stand

Microwave stands are specially used to keep your microwave oven and also to ensure that they are kept away from children, pet animals and other harmful materials. Moreover, it’s a convenient place to store essential kitchen items. There are various microwave stands available in the market as well as via online. In this regard, Amazon.com is one of the best sites to purchase, if you plan to purchase one.

  • Materials

Most of the microwave stands are made out of wood or metal or particle composites. They are available in a wide range of finishing’s either with metal or wood frames. Some of the microwave stands feature marble tops along with a more upscale feel and look.

  • Shelves

The shelves present in the microwave stand are very much useful for kitchen books, kitchen items, and non-perishable food items. Some of the stands feature foldable top shelf which can be used to serve food. You can get access to either closed shelves in order to keep the kitchen items hidden from others sight and open shelves for easy access to things.

  • Drawers

They are found less common to that of shelves in the microwave stands. You can find a single drawer which goes across the width of the stand or by using side-by-side drawers. These drawers are pretty much useful for storing the microwave required things like microwave safe bowls. It’s pretty much good idea to buy drawers which lock. In turn, this will allow you to move the microwave safely around the kitchen area without any fear of opening accidentally.

  • Wheels

Wheels to microwave stand increase flexibility of your kitchen area which can be repositioned whenever required. Having wheels doesn’t make your cooking easier, instead, it helps to clean up space easily, even in the places which are hard easy to reach. While assembling, ensure that wheels are set properly so that the microwave stand is stable enough to withstand the weight of the microwave.

  • Size and shape

Larger microwaves are of higher quality as well as sturdy. They offer great storage capacity for the kitchen items. Ensure that the stand you buy suits your microwave size and thus, enhance the overall kitchen décor area.

  • Color and style

The process of finding a suitable microwave stand which matches your kitchen interior décor shouldn’t be very hard to choose among various styles and colors. If you are having a country kitchen design, then it’s better to choose a wooden stand whereas a metal stand is suitable for modern kitchen design, just similar to that of a composite stand with simple lines.

Types of microwave stand

Basically, there are two types of microwave stand with storage drawer. They are – Cubby stands and top-surface stands.

  1. Top surface stands

It is a basic design of microwave stand, wherein the microwave rests on open counter top without any sides or top. It is considered as streamlined furniture for the kitchen which has the capability to hold a microwave carefully and offer extra storage facilities to store various other kitchen items. The drawers and shelf are located below. Moreover of all those, it’s cost effective and simple way of relieving the congestion in the kitchen. This type of stand is constructed using wood or metal or particle board composite.

  1. Cubby stands

It is a three-sided compartment and it is big enough to place a microwave. When compared to top surface microwave stand, this type of Cubby stand to provide greater options for storage. While buying such a piece, ensure that it is large enough to accommodate microwave. Similar to that of top surface microwave stand, Cubby microwave stand has storage options below the microwave. Purchase mobile versions of microwave storage rack.

Maintenance tips

  • In order to prevent permanent staining, it’s better to clean the spills immediately.
  • Replace worn out parts immediately as and when you find it out.
  • Always follow manufacturer’s directions for better care and maintenance.
  • Thoroughly check the nuts and bolts of the microwave stand with storage regularly and ensure that they are tight enough.

Buying tips from Amazon

While the technological era is occupying the market, it has become very easy to purchase a microwave stand via online. Amazon.com is one such site from which you can purchase your required product. While purchasing microwave cart with storage via online, you need to be aware of following aspects-

  • Consider buying a microwave stand having wheels, it allows for easy movement as well as cleaning.
  • To avoid clutter in the kitchen, buy the one with storage compartments.
  • Ensure to purchase a microwave stand which fits your microwave exactly.
  • Choose a color and style which matches your kitchen cupboards.
  • Check for the quality of the construction and hinges. Another most important thing to consider is how easily the doors get close and the drawers slide outwards.

To end our discussion, it’s quite necessary to understand various types of microwave stands available for placing a microwave and significant benefits of investing in it. By having proper information about all these aspects will make your buying experience from Amazon a better one and also help the person to save their precious time, space and amount whilst enhancing the beauty of the kitchen.

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