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Guide to selecting the best microwave cart stand for saving space and to increase comfort

Microwave ovens have become a common item in almost every household these days. The reason is that it helps you to warm up the food to be served to the entire family and to enjoy it. However, the oven needs to be kept in a proper place that is both safe, space saving and can help you by helping to meet variety of purposes.

The microwave’s functionality is not to be affected at any point of time or due to any circumstance. It is for this reason, microwave stands are used for increasing the functionality. There are varieties of stands available in the market to meet your specific requirements and needs.

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What is microwave stand?

Microwave stands are special places, where you can place your microwave oven and ensure that it is safely kept away from children, pets and other from harm. Moreover, it is a convenient place, where other essential items of the kitchen can be stored for future use. There are variety of stands and shelves available in the market and Amazon.com is the best place to buy if at all you plan to purchase one.

Microwave Stand Features

Drawers: These are found to be less common than that of shelves. Typically, you can find single drawer, which spans the stand’s width or two small, drawers that are placed side by side. Such drawers can prove to be quite useful to store microwave necessities like microwave mitts and microwave safe bowls close at hand. In case, the stand is present on wheels, then it is regarded to be a wise idea to have drawers which lock. This is likely to allow you o move safely the stand all over the place, without having to fear of drawers getting accidentally opened.

Shelves: The microwave stand with storage is quite useful to store all types of kitchen items, which includes cooking tools, non-perishable foods or cookbooks. Few stands tend to feature foldable top shelf, which can serve as additional counter space or breakfast bar. You can easily avail either closed shelves for keeping stowed items to be hidden from sight or open shelves to have easier access or just both. Most combination types have open shelves positioned above closed drawers that are somewhat larger. To store large pots and bowls or kitchen appliances, closed shelves do come quite handy.

Wheels: Your kitchen’s flexibility can be further enhanced by using a mobile stand, which can be repositioned readily as required. Not only does the best microwave stand with wheels make cooking to seem easier, but also simplifies cleanup as you can roll it around for getting close to those places that are harder to be reached. At the time of assembling, it is necessary to ensure that the wheels are evenly set. This will help the stand be stable and the microwave to sit flat.

Materials: stands are created from particle board, composites or wood. Wood stands for microwaves are available in huge variety of finishes. Also, you can find models having metal frames or of wood or metal shelves. Several stands come with marble tops to provide a much more upscale feel and look.

Shape and size: Bigger microwaves are of higher quality and much sturdier. They do offer a good storage amount for kitchen items. The much wider is the stand, there are more chances of drawers being side by side rather of just one. You need to ensure that a stand is availed which suits perfectly the microwave size, the kitchen space along with the décor of the kitchen.

Color and style: You can find cheap microwave stand for matching with the kitchen décor and they are available variety of colors and styles. It would be better to choose wooden stand for complementing country or rustic kitchen design. The metal stand can suit the modern kitchen design, like that of a composite stand having simple, and clean lines.

Microwave Cart Stand Purchase Guide

The microwave stand when carefully selected and purchased can definitely add in extra convenience, comfort and additional storage to the kitchen. There are several benefits and features that are to be considered while making the purchase, so that you can derive value worth the investment.

The stand when purchased from Amazon, can help the kitchen to be transformed completely by freeing up the counter space, thereby offering you dedicate place for stowing the microwave as well as the related supplies and tools.

Types of stands

Two basic types of stands are present in the market which is as follows:

Top surface stands: It is regarded to be a basic design, where the microwave rests upon the open counter top, having no top or sides. Rather it is considered to be a streamlined kitchen furniture piece that has the ability to hold the microwave and to offer additional storage for variety of kitchen items. All of the drawers and shelving are located below. Moreover, it is stated to be an affordable, simple way for relieving congestion in the kitchen. This stand type is constructed typically of composites, metal, particle board and wood. These are present in wide range of colors and style for suiting any type of kitchen décor.

Cubby stands: In this type of stand, microwave gets surrounded by enclosure, while the overall design typically is much more elaborate. Most stands do feature an open shelf. There is also other microwave stand with cabinets having closed shelving, combined with more than one drawer. It has 3 sided compartments that are big enough for accommodating a microwave. When compared to the top surface stand, it is created with much more elaborate detailing, while offering greater storage space amount. While purchasing, one should ensure that cubby is big enough for accommodating the microwave. Similar to top surface stands, this type has storage below microwave, however, most models do feature additional shelving present above. One can buy fixed stands or mobile versions present on wheels.

To have more knowledge on the different types of product that exist, you can go through Amazon.com.

Cheap Microwave Cart Stand Buying tips

1. It is better for you to consider a stand having wheels for allowing easier movement and to make cleaning behind much easier.

2. For reducing clutter in the kitchen, it is necessary to take into consideration microwave stand with cabinets and storage compartments.

3. A stand is purchased, which best fits the microwave.

4. You can select any style or color that perfectly matches the kitchen appliances or kitchen cupboards.

Why buy Microwave cart and stands as storage solutions?

Microwave carts are considered to be quite functional for housing the micro, however, depends upon the features and designs. It also can be a wonderful solution to shortage issues of space in the kitchen. There are plenty of designs which exist in the market for suiting specific requirements, having tall models that provide great storage potentials. Ideally the upper cupboards are suited for glassware, special serving pieces or stemware.

What is to be looked into while purchasing the best microwave stand?

1. Size of the microwave compartment: It needs to be adequate for the model. Also, it should be considered if there are plans for upgrading to larger size in near future. If this is termed to be a possibility, then sufficient room is to be allowed.

2. Location for the soon to be purchased stand is to be decided. Along with it, there is a need to jot down maximum available depth, width and height measurements.

3. Generally microwave carts fit in corners and small spaces.

4. While shopping, it would be wise on your part to scan and check what is available, to decide on a style which suits specifically your décor.

5. In case, you are trying to find storage for stemware, then make sure that cupboards have either adequate height or adjustable shelving.

6. Quality of hinges and construction is to be checked for. The other thing to be considered is how well the doors close and open or drawers slide out.

7. The stand could come in assembled or unassembled form. There is a need for being prepared for this particular project.

8. Delivery: Do you need to pick it up yourself or is delivery available? There could be a delivery attached to be considered.

9. Microwave carts & stands, when appropriately selected from Amazon.com can offer excellent storage solutions, while trying to enhance your dining and kitchen décor.

When to buy microwave stands?

Microwave shelves do offer functional purpose to create additional storage space within an environment, especially where space is limited or the room’s aesthetic appearance would benefit immensely by having such shelves and stands included. The options that are available tend to be quite broad and based upon appearance, application and price to name few. Searching for these products at Amazon.com is sure to help you to take the right decision.

Things to consider before installing microwave shelves

1. There are many people, who might try going high as possible. However, it is not always a better solution. It is necessary for you to reach the shelf easily and conveniently, without any obstacle. Many a times, you could be extracting hot meals from oven, with some even having plenty of liquid in it. In case, you are not able to view as to what you are really doing, then you could be in for some serious burn. Trying to heat a cup of soup or tea can prove to be dangerous, if the shelf is placed very high.

2. You may not want the shelf to disturb the transit regions. It can be of great trouble if the shelf is kept in the middle. Therefore, having it placed over a table can be an excellent want towards avoiding such complications.

3. You need to place the shelf/stand in a spot, where you or other members of the family do no crash their heads into it.

4. A spot is to be selected, where electric power can be derived for the oven to function properly. It is sure to be quite ideal, if there is a socket nearby and can be used extensively for the oven. In his manner, there would be no hassle of plugging and unplugging this device for a long time and each time it is used or to have wires running all over the kitchen area.

5. In regards to its installation, some alternatives which exist to have wall installations might include options like A-line shelf. This specific shelf is regarded to be an all-in-one design which has wall mounts as part of shelf design. Also it is capable to support about 200 pounds. Also, there are shelves which are part of special furniture such as stand or cart for the microwave oven.

Microwave stand with storage maintenance tips

* It is necessary for you to follow always the direction of the manufacturer for proper and timely maintenance and care.

* Bolts and nuts are to be checked on regular basis for ensuring that they are tight

* Worn out or missing parts are to be replaced through manufacturer

* Stand and microwave to be cleaned by making use of a clean cloth and all purpose spray cleaner.

* Spills if any is to be cleaned immediately for preventing permanent staining.

Buying the right kind of stands: Better solution for placing the microwave oven

If you are planning to get an excellent placement for the microwave oven, then stand and cart can be few words that you may come across. The stand generally occupies significant amount of space in the existing kitchen area and hence is better suited to those homes, which have ample space allotment. Highly sophisticated kitchens, which are fitted usually with the latest appliances and technology do require such stands.

These elaborate stands can be selected for your home allowing easy sorting and storage. These cabinets do come with various cabinets along with huge number of shelves, including place items easily in designated spaces to give an organized look. Since they come in variety of choices and flavors, you can go through them to select the one or the material which best fits your immediate and long term requirements.

As a buyer, you need to give proper and in-depth consideration to space situation, which originates for adding the stand to the kitchen. In case, you already have a microwave oven at home, then the space where it is to be placed would be available after the oven is moved to the new stand. It can be termed to be simply great. However, one has to remember that the kitchen would have less space present because of inclusion of the stand. If the kitchen is very small, then you can easily opt for other types of option to place the microwave oven.

In case, the kitchen permits inclusion of the stand, then it is definitely excellent news, since besides the space that is recovered by having the microwave removed from the current placement, you also tend to gain additional storage space from this stand. By doing the math properly and to imagine as to how the kitchen items are to be redistributed, having a designated space like the stand for the microwave can be a wonderful option.

These days, you can purchase a stand based on your choice of material, use and budget from Amazon section and also enjoy huge discounts on it.

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Top3 Best Microwave Stands

Whitmor 6056-3536 Supreme Microwave Cart

This microwave cart from Whitmor brand is quite popular among buyers and is presently the most sought after. It can be easily utilized in any part of the home and in various ways. There are different features present in this microwave cart like pull out shelf, locking wheels combined with accessory hooks that make this piece quite convenient and versatile.

It also is said to feature chromed steel frame for durability and stability. Both lower shelf and second shelf is adjustable with one inch increments, thereby helping to meet all requirements for storage. Also, are provided four hooks for attaching to the cart side to hang various items and utensils, thereby saving ample space. There are no tools required and it is convenient to assemble.

White & Natural Finish Kitchen Microwave Cart w/Casters

The White and natural finish kitchen microwave cart w/casters weighs about 27.5 pounds. The product dimension is about 17×23.8×33.5 inches and has been rated 4.3 out of 5 by is buyers, who term it to be a wonderful product worth the price. It is indeed a nice looking cart, which does not appear cheap, but without the expensive price tag, thereby fitting the bill perfectly. Also, the storage present underneath for soda/coffee and veggie baskets are just wonderful. Assembling the product is quite easy and no a tough task. The casters are comfortable and it is very much sturdy.

Home Source Industries Brook Tall Microwave Cabinet with 2-Drawer and an Upper and Lower Cabinet, White with Cherry Wood Finish

The tall microwave cabinet is said to be an elegant and classic design, sufficient enough to meet different types of storage requirements. The good looking white finish does offer a wonderful complement to decorative glass doors. Being easier to open, such durable glass does display the decorative cookbooks or dishes. The bottom shelf and double drawer offer the compact kitchen with sufficient storage space to place variety of items, which includes utensils, small kitchen accessories, dry goods, baking dishes and plates. This piece is created from laminate wood glass and composite, durable enough to last a life time. It also features metal hardware, which is easier to assemble.


To end this discussion, it is necessary for you to understand the existence of different types of stands and shelves for placing microwave oven and the benefits of investing in it. Having proper information and understanding all about it not only would help to make the buying experience a better one, but also help the person to save on precious time, amount and space, while enhancing the beauty of the home.

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