Ninebot by Segway miniPRO Review

The Ninebot by Segway miniPRO Review

Everyone knows what a Segway is. A Segway is a personal vehicle that has two big wheels, a platform to stand on and handles. If you didn’t know, Segway is rooted form the word segue, which means smooth. Cool, right? It’s no surprise that this is a smooth ride. With all the hype over the hoverboard fading, Segway company is coming out with something new and exciting Smart Self Balancing Personal Transporter with Mobile App Control called Segway miniPRO, is the new hoverboard.

The Segway miniPRO comes with so many new features that we are going to go over. In collaboration with Ninebot, their knowledge of technology over the past decade created a smarter, stronger and safer experience with this new vehicle. The stability of the miniPRO is amazing along with it’s precision sensors that will react to your movements. Though there are no handle bars to hold onto, the Segway miniPRO offers a knee control bar. Let’s go over what else this awesome ride offers.

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Main Features of the Segway miniPRO

  • Stable knee control bar with padding for comfort
  • Control the Segway miniPRO from your phone through an app
  • Customizable LED lights
  • Set an alarm for when you’re not using it to protect it from theft
  • Fire and safety certification
  • Comfortable, ergonomic fit
  • Magnesium alloy frame
  • 5 inch Pneumatic tires that resists and absorbs shocks, as well as has great traction
  • Go up to 10 MPH on the Segway miniPRO
  • Travel up to 14 miles on just a single charge of the UL-cetified lithium-ion battery
  • 220 pound weight capacity
  • Download the Ninebot & Segway App for additional control features

Quality and Safety Assurance

As you can tell, these new features are great and honestly hard to beat. No hoverboard has even received it’s own certification of electrical and fire safety. This is so important because as you have probably already heard, there have been problems with the hoverboard spontaneously combusting. That’s definitely something they wanted to avoid, so Segway and Ninebot made sure ahead of time that their product met these requirements.

Segway’s high technology allows you to move around and navigate way easier than it would be on a hoverboard. If you’ve seen the clips of people riding hover boards on social media at all, you almost always notice they have a bit of a challenge when it comes to balancing and moving around on a hoverboard correctly. The Segway already has a self balancing system integrated. What makes it so easy to navigate on the Segway miniPRO is first of all, the knee control bar and second, the precision sensors. The knee control bar offers immense steering precision when compared to the hoverboard. Precision sensors allow the miniPRO to maintain stability while at the same time processing your movements.

Comfortable Riding Experience

On the topic of stability, you’ll never have to worry about bumps or anything that might get in the way of your Segway, as long as it’s not too big. Unlike the hoverboard, the tires on the Segway miniPRO are big and filled with a lot of air. They were made to resist or absorb any type of shock. Because of the phenomenal treading, you can be rest assured that you won’t slip or go off track unexpectedly.

The Segway miniPRO provides an optimally comfortable riding experience for whoever will be manning this vehicle. The comfort experience is thanks to the knee padding, balance system, precision sensors and it’s overall fit to the human frame. It’s easy to stand on this machine, so if you’re worried about trying it out, you really shouldn’t.

You have the ability to travel up to 10 mph on the Segway miniPRO as well as up to 14 miles on only one charge. The speed control is there so you never end up going to fast for comfort. On one charge you can do anything; like go to the library, pick up some groceries, check the mail, walk your dog, though we’re not completely sure if you should take it to the bar. Operating any kind of machine under the influence is questionable. Let’s face it, the miniPRO is pretty awesome so you can find a million ways to get use out of this thing before you run out of it’s battery.

Implementation of Advanced Technology

Super advanced features like enabling anti-theft mode from your phone takes this Segway model to the next level. How could it get any easier than that? Just download the Ninebot and Segway app and connect to the miniPRO through Bluetooth and you have all the control. On your phone you can control it remotely, set up the anti-theft alarm, customize lights (YES), check out some crucial performance data and update your machine as well. This is the technology of the future happening right now.
The miniPRO is just the real deal. It’s reliable, sturdy and actually has a lot of style. Choose from the black or white model to suit your preferences.  Both options are super sleek and have a futuristic design which the original Segway already had to begin with. There’s really no reason you shouldn’t own one of these in your lifetime. This Ninebot and Segway creation is sure to be a timeless product.

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