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Best buying guide to select the very best small sectional sofa set for your small home

There are many of us, who have been eager to decorate the home with furniture and fittings that would not only enhance its beauty, but also offer maximum comfort and convenience to the entire family and friends and others who visit the place. But if the home is a small one, then the choice definitely has to be sectional sofa sets that can be easily installed anywhere in the house and comes within reasonable price.

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What is small sectional sofa?

If you have a small home and looking for a comfortable, large seating area for family and friends, then you can take into consideration sectional sofas. Such large couches are said to offer the family with plenty of cozy and comfortable seating space, however, could be arranged for fitting virtually in any room. In case, the living room is a small one, many sections can be used and the remaining to be used in other places of the home.

Top 5 Best Small Sectional Sofas

1. Poundex Bobkona Atlantic Faux Leather 2-Piece Sectional Sofa with Functional Armrest and Back Support, Black

2. Modern Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa – Small Space Configurable Couch – Colors Black, White (Black)

3. Divano Roma Furniture 3-Piece Reversible Chaise Sectional Sofa with Ottoman, Grey Charcoal

4. Bobkona Hungtinton Microfiber/Faux Leather 3-Piece Sectional Sofa Set, Saddle

5. Samuel Sectional by Coaster Furniture(Ottoman sold separately)

Beauty of sectional sofas for small spaces

Almost everyone is known to love sectional sofa. However, at times, they could be just too large. Maybe you have a very small space to accommodate full-sized sectional or looking for something that is not so large. There are indeed a whole lot of sectional sofas, which is sure to give you all major benefits or larger models.

The smaller ones are quite comfortable like that of the bigger ones and sometimes, much more comfortable. It can be said that size is not known to sacrifice comfort. There is still a need to measure and to ensure that sufficient space is present for the new couch, if space is a matter of concern. Almost every model comes with in-built chaise lounge and can prove to be a wonderful way to de-stress especially after a long day’s haul. You can simply lie down and place your feet up. Smaller models comprises of two pieces, while larger ones are of three pieces to five or six pieces. Hence, even if the living space is very small, you can make full use of the many benefits that comes with the sectional sofa by purchasing it from Amazon.

Benefits derived

Sectional sofas do come with variety of benefits over the other living room sofa types and can easily fit in any decorating theme. It is this dual functionality that has become a major reason for its increasing popularity and sale in the last couple of years. With such sofas, you are sure to derive optimum value for your hard earned money. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • *Saves money: Furniture expenses tend to add up quickly, especially if you are searching for complete set with chairs, love seat, ottomans, end tables and couch. Sectional sofas therefore, provide you with all in one option. You can find a fabric of the design or color that fits perfectly your home and its decorating theme. Also you can add ottoman and end tables which matches, however, is not actually part of the set.
  • *Saving space: It is possible to have sectional sofas to be maneuvered even into tight spaces. The can be place around a corner or lined against an empty wall. Also, all the sections are not required to be put in same place. Few can create couch, while others can become a love seat, with others being used as sofa chairs.
  • *Utilizing precious space: Size and shape of living room is no more an issue with sectional sofas. You can have the couch arranged to fit different spaces which includes horseshoe curves, L-shaped spaces and rectangle shaped rooms. For narrow, long room, probably you might want the choice to be lined against a wall or two in L-shape. For octagon or round shaped room, a semi circle effect can be created with the sections. You can have it split up all over the room.
  • *Hidden features: These couches often tend to come with various hidden features. Few might include sections which recline while others could have ottomans which allow you to have your feet propped up for support and comfort. Some ottomans also can be doubled as storage space. Some couch parts can be folded to be made as beds. It is necessary to have the sections arranged to ensure that all hidden features are made available and to be used at moment’s notice.
  • *Flexibility: If you like to rearrange furniture or are compelled to move few times over years, then small sectional sofas can indeed be a wonderful option to avail. Rather than moving a whole couch at once, these can be taken apart and moved section by section. Every section is much lighter than that of a soft chair or regular couch.
  • *Versatility: One of the most obvious derived is that sectional sofas have multiple positions which they can be placed into. They can be developed into longer sofa type, corner sofa or take any shape. It allows you to easily adapt your furniture according to your space, instead of trying to create a room around the sofa.
  • *Variety: Another wonderful benefit of sectional small sectional sofas is that they can be found in all kinds of colors, sizes and shapes. Segmented sofas can be found that are flexible and ready to assemble category, which is sure to blow your mind. Such sofas are created from the best quality materials, to fit easily almost any opening, where you may want to keep a small section. These are said to be no longer regarded as inferior products while considering furniture, especially if purchased from appropriate places like Amazon.com.

How to buy Sectional sofas for small spaces?

Sectional sofas, undoubtedly are excellent designs to choose for seats. These are simply unique and tend to give the home a wonderful and unique look, when compared to the traditional old fashioned sofas. Besides this, they are quite comfortable similar to puffy sofas. In case, you are planning to own one, then these pointers can really help you to make a wise purchase.

  • *Keeping in mind the available space: It is very much important to consider the available room space, where the sofa is to be kept. Most of you have been using L-shaped sofas, however, other shapes can also be availed like C-shape. Such sofas would best suit circular space, while L-shaped might require much larger and rectangle shaped space. Available space can help you to decide as to how big the purchase is to be, number of sections that can be used and to customize few elements which would work perfectly for your home. At the same time, the doorway size is to be kept in mind to ensure that the sofa fits through it comfortably. Buying small pieces would allow you to carry it up the staircase, if there is a need and to have it assembled in the required room.
  • *Fabrics: The next thing to understand is the type of fabric that you desire to have in the sofa. While shopping at Amazon for small sectional sleeper sofa, you are required to look for strong and long lasting fabrics. Another factor to consider is the number of people present in the home and the type of setting present in it, etc. Without strong materials, the seats are sure to wear out over time. Each fabric is quite different from the other and quality is something that should not be compromised for price. Low quality fabrics would not last long and may wear out and give the sofa a cheaper look.
  • *Price: Although quality is to be considered over price, the latter often decides as to how the purchase needs to be. You are to be within your budget and not go overboard. There are places like Amazon that does offer high quality materials at low prices, where you can shop comfortably. When shopping online, you need to have correct and accurate measurements, before trying to order. Few images might rotary it to give ‘proper size’ for the home. But in reality, it could be double the size, meaning it would not fit. In case, you are not quite sure about the measurements, then you can have it ordered in pieces. In this manner, you would be paying less for the unwanted sections of this sofa. At the same time, you can also have more parts added to it to give that longer or bigger look or reduce number of sections for making it smaller. It is completely up to your choice as to how you would like to have it.

You can browse through Amazon to get more details about the small sectional sleeper sofa and look at the different options available to make the right selection for your home.

Small sectional sofa for apartment: Finding the perfect fit

Having sectional sofa for your small home is sure to offer you with plenty of seating in regards to space. When selected properly, they are sure to convert any room into conversational, intimate and warm area, where you along with your family and friends can relax and have casual or family related discussions. It is very much necessary on your part to find the correct sized sectional sofa, since a large one would only overwhelm a small room and would simply look inappropriate and block precious space. Fortunately, you have endless options at Amazon.com, where you can come across huge range of sectional sofas that are readily available to be purchased.

These pieces can also be purchased separately and sure to provide with greater flexibility. This way, you can easily fill up the space much efficiently as required. This option gives you the capability to crate own look, and to provide option to match and mix various designs and styles to enhance the beauty of the room. Here are few ideas as to how you can put together your very own sectional sofa.

  • *Sectional sofas are present in two major styles – Open chaise end and closed sofa. The latter is much more versatile in nature and offers solutions for meeting instant demands, irrespective of you require it to be a seating place or to place the feet up easier. Added cushion if purchased with few sectional sofas can allow you to have the chaise end to be turned into a sofa. These sofas are much bigger than that of sofa end sectionals.
  • *Another wonderful option is floating chaise end. It is quite similar to an ottoman, which can be moved to any side of the sectional sofa that is desired for acting as a chaise. Combining this option with additional sofa cushion, you can have endless options.

How to look for small sectional sofa for apartment?

A sectional sofa can help to save ample space, especially if you have small room space. By having sofa pieces to be located centrally within the small living area is sure to lend proper seating for intimacy and conversation. At the same time, it also helps the space to appear much more spacious. In case, seating in a specific spot is not to your liking and preference, then having small sectional sofa can help you to have the capability to keep them at places, where you desire. This is likely to provide you with your own creative, personal touch to living room.

Sectional sofas explained

Once you are aware of the existence of sectional sofas for your room at Amazon, then the next thing would be know how to purchase them, so that they are not too small or large for the room. It is the living area or living room that would dictate the size that is required for the sectional sofa.

The right measurements to be selected

With you now knowing as to what actually makes up the sectional sofa, the next thing would be to derive an ideas as to what are the exact measurements of a loveseat, couple of chairs or sectional sofa and to add them together. In this manner, you would have the required measurements that can define as to what makes up the sectional sofa set.

The measurements:

  • The small scale sofa generally is about 72” or even smaller.
  • For coming up with small scale chair, the measurements of small scale soft is to be divided by three, which would give you the size of small scale chair that is of 24” width.

Considering the second option

  • Generally small scaled loveseat is around 63” wide.
  • For coming up with small scale chair, the measurements of small scale loveseat are to be dived by two and you derive size of small scale chair that is 31.5” wide.

By adding those numbers, you derive…

  • 72” +24” + 24” = 120” wide
  • 63” + 31.5” + 31.5” = 126” wide

This is the starting point for scale of small sectional sofa set which is between 120” to 126” wide. In regards to the stopping point, further addition of about 24” to 31.5” can be done. Stopping point is termed to be the size, which you might not want to pass through for risking the sofa being extra large. Furthermore, it also provides you with some leeway. Therefore, by finding sectional sofa, which falls in between 120” and 157”, you can easily have a room to accommodate it without any hassle.

Few simple guidelines to follow

  • 120” to 130”: Perfect for small scale solution
  • 145”: Excellent mid-range for smaller homes
  • 157”: Great size, if there is sufficient space

Now that you know all about specific measurements to buy small sectional sofa for your room, it is time you should go about browsing Amazon site to find the one that fits your budget, preferences and size perfectly.

Selecting an ideal sectional sofa set

While trying to buy a sectional sofa, a wise choice would be to locate a good and reputed home furnishing store located nearby or a well known website like Amazon.com which is known to offer individual pieces or to sell as a whole. In this way, you can subtract several pieces, if the set is extra large and if the desired set is small, and then you can have extra pieces added to it. The ability to select particular pieces does allow you to match and mix, therefore, helping you to create a signature look that you can proudly call your very own. Here, you can find sectional sofas, made from the very best fabrics and materials that are both durable and cost effective.

One place, where you are sure to find a whole collection of sectional sofa is at Amazon.com. It is sure to link you to variety of sectional sofas, which can be easily customized according to your specific needs, budget, style and space.

Best Small Sectional Sofas

Bobkona Manhattan Reversible Microfiber 3-Piece Sectional Sofa Set, Saddle


This sectional collection can be found in variety of colors and in smooth microfiber. It is its style and versatility that is considered to be just perfect for any standard living room. This collection being accented with white and brown zebra print pillow and featuring plush, classic cocktail ottoman is just the right item for any home. You can also enjoy experience the modern décor along with functional and practical composition. The product weight is about 68.9 pounds and its measurement is 120x89x37 inches. It comes with hardwood legs and frames, upholstered in stain resistant microfiber and is durable, while being cost effective.

Bobkona Trenton 2-Piece Sectional Sofa with Accent Pillows, Red


It is a stylish two piece Trenton sectional sofa that is available in different types of attractive colors. It also comes with two accent pillows. The hardwood frame is enclosed with faux leather that is of chocolate color. The cushions are of polyfiber fill, having soft microfiber upholstery and coordinating pillow covers. Being 35” high and 122” wide, it requires to be assembled. Its total weight is about 116.8 pounds.

It is the most affordable and best couch available in the market from this brand and undoubtedly an asset you can be proud of. By purchasing this, you are sure to get value worth the money.

Sectional Sofa for Small Spaces Chaise Sofa Design with Easy to Clean Microfiber in Brown by Dorel Asia (M3054-2MWC)


This sofa set comes with chaise design, which can be arranged in any room – right or left position according to your convenience. The material used in it is of microfiber upholstery, making it much easier to clean and maintain. It comes in attractive lush chocolate color. It is sure to adorn your guest room, college dorms or just about any room and make its owner proud. It has a durable frame construction and has back cushions and loose seat. It weighs around 90.2 pounds and its overall dimension is about 54” x 79.5” x 32.4”. Overall it can be termed to be a wonderful design at very low price.

Bobkona Hungtinton Microfiber/Faux Leather 3-Piece Sectional Sofa Set, Hazelnut


This item comes in wheat color and is cool to the eyes. It is a spacious three piece sectional sofa having Right/Left reversible chaise. It is a three person sofa and comes with oversized 38” x 26” ottoman, which includes two accent pillows. The hardwood frames are enclosed with faux leather that is of dark brown color. Its cushions are upholstered in microfiber that is said to be stain resistant. To provide supportive seats, the sofa has spring coils in the inner pockets and boasts of having quality poly-fiber fill in both back and seat cushions. It weighs about 258 pounds and the dimensions are 64” x 94” x 18”.


Small sectional sofas are an excellent choice for your small home and fit in perfectly, if you make the right choice and purchase. Knowing all about them, the benefits derived from it and how to purchase them can really help you to make the correct choice and enjoy adding them to your home and to match up to the existing décor and to enhance the style and charm of your house. The huge variety of choices available with Amazon gives you the freedom to mix and match variety of patterns, designs and colors, thereby to create a personal stamp that you can be proud of.

The deciding factor and the bottom line is that you need to buy one, which you find to be the best and most suited for your home and conducive to your present taste, preference and lifestyle when it comes to choosing home furnishings.

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